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Sky TV installation

Tempted by Sky TV?
Sky TV have been providing digital home entertainment to millions of homes across the UK since 1998. Sky now boast more TV & radio channels than are available through any other Digital TV provider - many of which are available in stunning High Definition.

At STC we can talk you through the packages on offer & make sure you get the option that best suits your viewing requirements.

Looking for something more than just Sky? Why not try Sky HD or Sky 3D. Or call FREEPHONE: 0808 25 50 500 for more information.

Sky Broadband

Had enough of download speeds dropping off at peak times? Or feeling you're paying too much for a broadband service that just doesn't deliver? You should join over 3.4 million homes across the UK and Ireland who've signed up to Sky Broadband.

We've got Sky Broadband Unlimited for unlimited downloads. Or maybe you're a casual web browser? Then you'll need Sky Broadband Everyday Lite available to Sky TV, Talk and Broadband customers. It's the same fast connection with a 2Gb usage limit.

Sky Talk

Unhappy with your current phone provider? Well why not sign up to Sky Talk, the fastest growing home communications provider in the UK.

Take your pick from one of two packages: Sky Talk Freetime, if you're an evening or weekend caller or Sky Talk Unlimited which gives you greater freedom to make unlimited calls any time of the day.

Sky Anytime/Anytime+

Looking for almost complete freedom from the remote? Sky Anytime TV automatically records the best entertainment from a week of Sky TV for you to enjoy at your leisure. Once connected you can take your pick from a growing library of content, including over 600 films, entertainment shows, documentaries and arts programs.

Please bear in mind these services require you to also have a high speed broadband connection and a router with a connection or wireless dongle to your set-top box or smart TV. We can also supply and install all of the equipment needed to enable access to TV On Demand.

Sky Go

What if you're out and about and can't wait to watch your favourite Sky TV show? Sky Go is the answer. Take your live TV with you on the train or when you're taking a break, watching it at no extra cost on laptops, tablets, PCs, Macs and smartphones.

As a Sky customer you can register up to two compatible devices and access a range of content, including Sky Sports and Sky News on your iPod Touch or iPad to even Sky Movies and more on your laptop and computers.

Sky Store

You've exhausted the Sky Movies channels and Sky Box Office just isn't regular enough. If you need a bigger range then Sky Store is just a click away for Sky Anytime+ customers. With both the latest releases and a wide range of classic movies to choose from, you'll never be short of something to watch.

Sky Multiroom

Tired of settling down to your favourite show or movie and having it disturbed by 3 different conversations? With Sky Multiroom, you can enjoy the best entertainment from the comfort of another room in your house. Up to 8 rooms, in fact.

 Sky HD/HD+

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 Sky 3D

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